The National Agency Brand of Bursa "BABEL is 10 Years Old

The National Agency Brand of Bursa "BABEL is 10 Years Old"

Babel, which has been a game changer agency in the communication field, has made a name for itself in Turkey with its national organizations and by opening to Bursa from Turkey. Babel Agency celebrated its 10th year in the sector with an organization all the team members attended, including co-founders Faruk Çıbuk and Murat Bilir.

The 10th year celebration event which started with a breakfast in the garden, continued with a photo shoot and ended with the cake cutting ceremony.


Babel Agency co-founder Faruk Çıbuk who gave a speech at the 10th year celebration said: “We are a big family. We have left 10 years behind with a lot of special and successful works. We have accomplished all these with our meticulous efforts as a team. Hopefully we will have the chance to celebrate many more beautiful years together. I am very happy to be working with you all.” Babel Agency co-founder Murat Bilir remarked: “We have always had a growing and improving team since the first day we stepped into the sector. We are very glad to see you all here on this special day we celebrate our 10th year. We have a beautiful team which continues to grow. I hope in the upcoming years we will even be a bigger family.”


At the organization which 30 people joined, team work was stressed and activity plans which would increase the motivation of the team members were discussed. Babel team stated that they were getting closer to their targeted position day by day and their main goal was to become a pioneer agency in a global scale.

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