The Story of a Decade-old Beginning…

The Story of a Decade-old Beginning…

I remember the excitement we felt during the first days of our start up in April, 2009. We needed a new name, a new logo, a new office, strategical goals, partners to co-operate with, clients we wanted to reach, works to develop, a clear plan about what to achieve and a vision.

10 years ago, we wanted to create an advertising agency aiming to be the best, instead of being the biggest. Being one of the best in its field has been shaping the core character of Babel for a long time.

The truth is, the only thing that stayed stable during the last 10 years has been our excitement. We have come up with a nice office, partners with a vision, clients who know what they want and accomplishments we have reached with our own original approach. Now we celebrate this success with a young and dynamic team as a family of 30 people. Babel would never be BABEL without our co-workers whom we are lucky enough to work with and without their efforts, their amazing contributions, their unique culture and work ethics.

There are things which make us special, unique and strong: Our ideas, our diversity and the most valuable thing a brand can have; our imagination… We are different.

This journey we have set out on is too long to end, so it is very important to know where it is leading to. On this long path to success, new opportunities will appear; we will have colorful experiences and we will get to know new characters. Our next stop may be in a strange country, in a strange city we don’t know at all; but still we will enjoy this uncertainty knowing it is the beginning of a new achievement.

Now we are going through a new beginning as Babel, Smartover and Vibuy. It is a decade-old beginning. And we are still as excited as we were in the first days. We will continue to set our own agenda in the upcoming years, too…

Ours is a journey only people who are in love with their jobs undertake with excitement.

-Co-founders: Faruk Çubuk and Murat Bilir

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