How to Grow?

How to Grow?

Don't know what is interesting.

I work in marketing for 10 years. We work in different countries, Different citys, different different categories. Almost all the clients come with the same question. How to grow? And we always have the same answer, work with your brand. Because almost all the clients have the common mistake. They treat marketing as an average operational costs.

Here you pay for the rental of the office and here you pay for some kind of promotion, you do some TV spots or website and it becomes such a mess, when brand and business they live separately.

But when you take a look on the leading companies and the leading brands, they do exactly opposite the brand shapes the company. The brand defines the values defined the product surprises define the type of people you hire how your office looks.

Everything and the company becomes solid we call hese brands they sold the business. During this 10 years we have developed our own methodology. BABEL it is a step-by-step guide how to create and manage brands, İt lets you grow it brings you additional margins it inspires your people inside and outside organization.

But what is the most important it lets brands to become the real assets. it's the moment when we are ready to share this methodology with the world and with you and you're welcome.

Our Promise To You We will make an impact on your business.

Faruk Çubuk, Strategist.

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