Digital Sameness

Digital Sameness

Digital sameness is a phenomenon spreading across many sectors in our age of virtual maturity.

It refers to how in today’s world, the whole lot virtual—from net pages to cellular apps, even brand logos—has a tendency to appearance the equal, behaves the same, and capabilities the equal functionalities. Has YouTube brought autoplay? Then rest confident that each other employer handling video streaming will do the equal, regardless if it makes feel for the brand, or maybe worse, if it turns into damaging for the digital wellness of the end-user.

Before you run in defense of your emblem or product and push aside this observation, strive with a simple experiment. Open a few internet pages of clothing brands, banks, airlines, or maybe agencies. Now flip quickly between them without looking at the logo or display them to someone else. You will see that it will become extremely tough to distinguish which logo authored that revel in.

At its core, digital sameness neutralizes variations and therefore undermines branding efforts. As a result, manufacturers flip to louder, omnipresent, and sneakier communique that follows end-users, inside the equal way, within the try to live pinnacle of mind.

Digital sameness method a big missed opportunity and a danger not most effective for enterprise increase and emblem longevity, but the loss of originality also has a negative impact on industry professionals and end-users.

Three reflections for the subsequent decade

The starting of a new year, or in this situation a decade, is an ideal opportunity to reflect on where your corporation can be most prone to digital sameness and where you may need to intervene. These are previous faults of digital sameness that are converting in the future.

Investment in UX and tech over branding. Forrester has found how the customer enjoy index (indicating the correlation between customer experience and loyalty) has remained unvaried extra than 200 businesses for the fourth year in a row.

From this, we are able to infer that for at the least four years the effort of many companies, in particular the mounted ones, has been done within the call of consistency or effectiveness (i.E., developing design systems, adopting cross- platforms enterprise systems) and adoption (i.E., developing an owned app, making an investment in new technologies), rather than creativity and personalization. Undoubtedly, a lot of these initiatives were needed, but at the equal time, we can’t help however ask: what should have came about if the identical effort were addressed to the emblem and the center of the commercial enterprise proposition?

We believe a brand profile rooted for your particular purpose, and a balance between shape and transformation are vital.

Omnichannel copycat in place of approach. The experience should experience the same on mobile and desktop! Such is the muse of responsive layout, however this does not imply that the experience have to be the identical across different platforms. The quantity of facts available to each employer may be the starting

factor to creatively re-assume which functions are available wherein. How are you able to write design and approach briefings based on context and user needs instead of touchpoint?

To navigate this complicated landscape, prioritize briefings stimulated by user desires and pain points and comprise innovative problem finding (not best problem- solving) in your strategic procedure.

Previous revel in over human needs and curiosity. Regardless of our occupation within the industry, our age, and degree of enjoy, or as end- users, all of us have one element in common: we are human. Whether we love it or no longer, our brains are biased and could steer us to the route permitting us to maximise rewards and decrease threats. Inevitably, those traits “interfere” with our innovative processes, in how we structure them (it feels safer to copy a known process than trying something new), how we make decisions (are we able to show that this new idea has worked before?) and how we execute them (referencing temper forums of already existing items). How can we evolve our processes, or invent new ones, for thoughts to matter extra than status? How can we make sure all of us feels safe to make a contribution?

Create a way of life in which people experience safe to make a contribution and in which they can accumulate around your logo purpose. Explicitly spend money on creating a shared knowledge of your creative manner and learn to be snug with uncertainty and the unknown.

Restoring the significance of creativity

Fighting virtual sameness does no longer imply ignoring beneficial layout styles and user-centric norms or periodically re-wondering each experience from scratch. But it’s time for every body inside the enterprise to present creativity the significance it without a doubt deserves. Each employer is in charge of defining what this phrase approach for them and what is their recipe for it. For some, it is able to mean sacrificing a few profit to simply accept extra unpredictability, for others an specific attempt in corporation culture or a transformation in the work procedure, allowing extra flexibility: it's miles as much as you. For 2020 and beyond, we sit up for seeing what you may create, no longer to come to be greater alike, but within the name of significant and intentional variations.