New Trend Video Marketing

New Trend Video Marketing

We have prepared 10 suggestions for the rising digital trend.

In 2020, 80% of all video content will be consumed as video content. (According to Cisco data) The people in the marketing world must be prepared for this.

So how?

Using videos in your content can increase interactivity and conversion rates by 80%. (According to Eye View Digital)

You can use video content for different purposes such as information, education, problem solving and entertainment.

With your video content shares, you can gain natural links in different social media channels.

Make sure your videos are mobile compatible. You can add Vimeo or Youtube videos with iframe, but the videos you upload yourself are more effective.

Install video sitemap. If you are producing a lot of video content. Google can more easily access your content and update times.

Sharing your video on a different channel will increase the interaction.

You can use rich content types such as video, infographic, and podcasts to create holistic scripts.

Since Google can make sense of the content by reading text, you must also write video content in plain text (video transcription).

Customize your cover image to be impressive.

In order to optimize your videos, you need to pass important keywords in the video title and content. Since there are no optimization areas as much as SEO, taking advantage of this part will be useful for optimization.

* Bonus: Very soon platforms like will bring revolutionary changes in the use of videos.